How strong does a motor need to be to run a CNC?

I'm looking to build a CNC, then use that CNC to mill parts for a 3D printer. What I need to know is how strong the motors need to be. I'm going to be using my

connected to three

all powered by

Would i be able to run a CNC or my eventual 3D printer with

I'm hoping to be able to, becuase this would be the cheapest thing. But would this motor be strong enough to move around the axes? Thanks for input.

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4lifenerdfighter (author) 5 years ago
Would this one work?
That may be good enough for a basic 3D printer but not for a mill. You need motors with a holding torque of more then 5kg/cm.
4lifenerdfighter (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Well, the

is 4.89. Will that be enough?
5kg/cm or greater is what you need. Preferably more then 5 kg/cm. Sparkfun isn't going to carry the kind of motor you need. Start looking at other retailers and start looking at NEMA 23 motors. You'll be spending about $28 to $35 per motor.
bwrussell5 years ago
Those motors are too small. What sort of material will you be milling? If you want to be able to cut dense materials, like most metals, you will need much more powerful motors.
Also, what sort of configuration are you using on the mill? Moving table or moving spindle?
4lifenerdfighter (author)  bwrussell5 years ago
I think I'm going to have a moving spindle.
I'm guessing the printer will require a little less torque but still probably greater than you have here. If you use those motors for the mill it will just stall or skip steps as the torque from cutting overpowers the torque of the steppers.
The motor your looking at won't power much beyond a basic robot. Even the cheapest available 3D printers call for a Stepper motor with 5kg/cm holding torque or better. Most every 3D printer i've see all use NEMA 17 motors. Cheap and basic CNC mills tend to use NEMA 23 motors and a lot more holding torque.