How thick does a 17.5-inch round piece of plexi-glass need to be to support a 3 gallon fish tank?

I have a round wooden table with a 17.5 inch diameter (outer edge to outer edge).  However, the diameter of the recessed part of the table is 15.5". The 3 gallon fish tank will be centered over the recessed part of the table.  How thick does the plexi-glass need to be to hold the tank without bending or breaking?

rickharris3 months ago

will help you calculate the deflection

Debi M (author)  rickharris3 months ago

Thank you, Rick. I will try the site.

budbush3 months ago

How about just cutting the plexiglass to 15.5 and not worrying about the weight.

Debi M (author)  budbush3 months ago

Thanks for your suggestion, Bud. However, I want the entire diameter of the wooden table covered so that any splashed water will not ruin the table's finish.