How three Pole Megnatic Contactor can be used for single Phase, explain with connections? Thanks?

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iceng5 years ago
In the USA single phase 120 VAC is limited to 20 amps by the
electrical code at the fuse box.

After that you want to be an electrician to by-pass the limitation or
go to 220 and 440 VAC for more power,
which you should not be messing at your level of expertize,
if you want to see your 30th birthday :-)


If you are trying to use a 3 phase contactor to switch a single phase to get higher amperage rating, all you have to do is hook the 3 terminals on each side (in & out ) all together. 3 inputs together & 3 outputs together. If you don't understand this completely , find an electrician. With that much power guessing is dangerious !
lemonie5 years ago
Is Megnatic a brand?

m.aamir5369 (author)  lemonie5 years ago
Thanks for Prompt response, Megnatic is in fact a mechnism not a brand. or simply we may say 3-Pole(Three Phase) Contactor. How may utilize this for a single phase.
You mean magnetic contactor. Like I said, there's no problem.
A contactor is a giant relay. A three phase contactor has three high current contacts and usually a couple of isolated low current contacts. To use it for single phase, you use one or two contacts only.

rickharris5 years ago
Your going to have to give more information -

a manufacturer

part number