How to Control a Servo?

How do you control a servo? I know you can control it via Arduino or some other microcontroler, but can you control a servo with out the need of programing??? I know the servo has 3 wires red, black and yellow... and if what I heard is right, that yellow wire is for controlling it.... Thank you! Comodore

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charlieCG8 years ago
the leads of a servo are capable of plugging directly into a receiver. and the receiver can be paired with a transmitter. this requires absolutely no programming and allows you t have manual control over its movements. i use spectrum. this also has the advantage of having wireless control over the servos.
comodore (author)  charlieCG8 years ago
Thanks charliegwathney!!!
so im building a generator with an alternator a lawnmower engine and car battery for onboard power. How can i control the idle via a servo and (i guess a comparator,ic... ) Anyone who knows about robots please help a guy out thanks! -Brian
Is there some kind of rocker arm or something that controls the throttle?
Derin charlieCG8 years ago
Yes,there is a small lever which you pull to increase the throttle.
charlieCG Derin8 years ago
just attach a rod to the arm of a servo. then attach the other end of the rod to the lever on the motor. if you would like a picture i could probably find a picture of a couple examples on old airplanes of mine.
Haha I got that part, i need the servo to react to the voltage level and turn down when the voltage is up and up when the voltage is down. I have an alternator with an internal regulator which allows me to cut the alternator but id like to throttle down as well. Thanks for everyones input!
I think they make Voltage-to-frequency converters. I don't exactly know where to look, but you could just Google it. The LM231/LM331 might be a good place to start.
some photos would be good thanks