How to Fix speedometer on Chrysler Grand voyager 1997?

canucksgirl5 years ago
Check the fuses first (in cab and under hood). If they're fine, then you should get yourself a Haynes repair manual, or check to see if your local library has one you can check out. Here's a link to one online, but you should be able to find them at most automotive stores. The repair manual will give you all the details you need about your vehicle and the list for trouble codes (that you should check for). The problem can be caused by a number of issues, so if it isn't just a blown fuse, you'll need the repair manual to troubleshoot further and for how to replace any parts (if needed).
tskil55 years ago
it all depends on what it is doing, i imagine that a "97 model vehicle speedo would be cable driven so the first thing to check is the cable. if not, it'll be either the internal workings of the instrument, or the (usally square driven) end of the cable on the gearbox. ps the cable might even be missing if you just recovered the vehicle out of a paddock or field.