How to I make a solar USB charger charge an iPod Touch?

I bought a solar USB charger the other day it says on the back
Output DC 5.5V  800mA

What steps to I need to take to make this charger charge an ipod when I plug in my USB cable?
[i.e. in terms of getting it to the right Voltage and Ampage to charge the iPod Touch (2nd Gen) ]

Thanks in advance!

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Isn't 5.5 volts the correct voltage anyway?
fwjs287 years ago
there actually is an instructable on that..check it out 
BurntSpy (author)  fwjs287 years ago
Thanks for your speedy answer!
I searched for one and had no luck could you please post a link.

J@50n BurntSpy7 years ago
BurntSpy (author)  J@50n7 years ago
Thanks but the kit, Mighty Mint Boost has all the circuitry in it. I was actually looking for what I should do to modify my solar charger. Please see description.
Thanks for trying!
J@50n BurntSpy7 years ago
 thats embarrassing!
BurntSpy (author)  J@50n7 years ago
Don't worry about it! :)