How to Make Speakers With a 3.5mm FEMALE jack instead of a Male 1?

I'm makeing some speakers for my iphone and i want to know how to make the speakers with a female 3.5mm jack (from computer) instead of a male one

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Re-design7 years ago
The tip connection is the left speaker.
The ring connection is the right speaker.
The sleeve is the ground connection.

Here's a good diagram of the plug.   Use this as a guide to wire the socket.
s117 (author) 7 years ago
framistan7 years ago

If the speaker has a FEMALE jack... then the amplifier output will have to be a MALE.  This could cause a short if the UNPLUGGED male plug touches a metal surface.  Also, this exposes the output voltage coming out of the amplifier.  If a transistor (not tubes) amplifier shorts its output for even a few seconds... it could BURN OUT your amplifier unit.   Your idea WILL WORK... however, you are adding this risk of burning out your amp.  

As a side note... that is why electricity outlets are not MALE.  That exposes voltage to being touched or shorting out.  I have seen actual examples of technicians wiring up electrical cords to a MALE plug!!!  electricity coming OUT of the male end.  That is very dangerous and we used to call this a SUICIDE plug!!  The people who do this kind of thing were technicians who worked on lighting-crews for television studios or stage-crew techs.  It was a kleigl light used on-stage.   Your idea is not so dangerous, but might damage your amplifier. 

s117 (author)  framistan7 years ago
for a start the output device is an ipod which doesnt have enough power to damage anyone

secondly the amp is from a computer speaker hardly very pricy

and lastly ALL of the speakers i have and have seen sold have female output plugs

PS i dont think u got hte question...
Build one, there are a ton of ideas here for amps.
Depends a bit on output power.
Velleman do a nice ranged of low cost kits for amplifiers.
s117 (author) 7 years ago
Btw I would also like to know where (other than computer speakers) to find an amp