How to Make Tape Splitter?

Hello all masterminds out there.
Can anyone guide me how do i build a tool to split adhesive tapes in required sizes? Or direct me if there exits any Instructable already for the same.

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rickharris2 years ago

All Adhesive tape is split before it has the adhesive added. It will be very hard to split and already sticky tape.

However if you do this sticky side up you may be able to get away with it. Something like this picture perhaps.

tape cutter.jpg

The picture says it all. Copy it.


Easily make this out of a strip of wood and a couple of dowels. Heck i could be make out of Knex or Lego.

Vinay9898 (author)  mpilchfamily2 years ago
Thank you for your replies. Will try to make it.:)