How to Speed control a DC motor Using Resistors?

For wired Robo car !!!

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iceng5 years ago
Use the back EMF voltage to regulate your speed control power

Milin 18 (author)  iceng5 years ago
What do i need to do that ?
iceng Milin 185 years ago
Most speed control is accomplished by using a mechanical tachometer attached to a
motor shaft to control electronics to maintain a set motor speed.

However a spinning motor is also a tachometer if the power is momentarily disconnected
and the back EMF ( Electro-Magnetic-Force ) voltage measurement is used to control
the power to the motor with a group of op-amps.

Linear Technology has an IC that can do this for you.

rickharris5 years ago
This has be covered before several tims - resistors waste energy in heat and the motor will be very poor at regulating it's speed.

You need to control the voltage in a dynamic way.

For the rest much depends on the motor you wan to control.
Don't. Its a very bad way to control them.