How to Waterproof a DC motor easily?

Hellow Everyone!! I'm trying to build a ROV and bought 3 DC motors for that. I want to waterproof them. Please give me some general Ideas to waterproof them.

gmxx5 years ago
you are going to want to silicone pack those motors. I work with a robotics team, and we custom build our own thrusters. We pack them in a pvc tube, sealed at both ends. i have an instructable vide for it.
steelspark gmxx2 years ago
Take the motor and put it in a film canister of pvc pipe and use toliet wax to water proof it. Works well.
Please send me the instructable vide for it.
I work with a robotics team in Brazil.
Nice to meet you
gmxx gmxx5 years ago
it would much easier to use bilge pumps, they come waterproof already
boston75133 years ago
I'm late to this thread but I've been researching the same thing and I have been thinking about sealing the motor in a pvc tube and having it spin a permanent magnet that will spin magnets on the outside of the tube to turn the prop shaft
NachoMahma5 years ago
. Just how "water-proof" do they need to be? Splash? Submersion? ...?
sarveshk (author)  NachoMahma5 years ago
Submercible upto 2 meters
rickharris5 years ago
Most low voltage DC motors will run happily under water Spray with WD 40 every time you use to reduce rust risk. try it you may be supprised.
apparenrly they can work underwater but i dont know if that is true. there isnt an easy way to waterproof them because the spindle needs to spin freely, mabye you could buy specilly made ones? if you are in the uk rapid eletronics sell them for under £1.50 each!!!