How to ask a girl out for the first time?

Ok so there's this girl at my church that I really like and want to ask out but every time I think about doing it I just can't find the guts to do it. I think about her all the time and every time I see her I get butterflies in my stomach. We're already good friends and we know alot about each other but I don't know if she likes me the way I like her. Any ideas?

Brian Wall6 years ago
dude i had the same problem but she got a boyfriend and i gave up. dont give up though. you just have to let her know you like her first then wait a few days and then ask her out.
lemonie8 years ago
People still go to Church to pick up girls? (That was my dad's explanation) L
Cerberus8 years ago
Stop thinking about it and ask already! It doesnt really matter how you do it, her response will be based on what she already thinks of you (which you cannot control). If she wants to go out she will say yes, otherwise you will learn from the experience and you will be a better man. There is no phrase or special combination of words that will "get you the girl". Just be yourself and add confidence (even if it isnt there right now)!