How to ask boy out?

Ok so. Me and this boy, gorden, always talk, text, wink, and play around. I am pretty sure he likes me, so I want to ask him out. I need tips on how to do so before valentines day!!! Please help!!!!

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ask in person and if he does reject, no other method could have fixed that. Just get to know him beter become very good friends and go with your gut.
tomcat9558 years ago
how did i come u with this i was looking how to paint a play boy bunny on to a zippo
lizzie098 years ago
you should be yourself around him and if he likes you for you then he should ask you but if not and you can tell he likes you but you feel he wants you to ask instead of him then go for it and go with what your guts say to do and what your heart feels for that certain boy!!!!
tkmg8 lizzie098 years ago
should i go up to him and tell him i like him by myself
tkmg88 years ago
izokay, i tried that one already but it did not work any more advice
sillyskiny8 years ago
just become friends with him, then sort of get closer and closer. until he asks you out
so is this coming from a guy or a girl i need it coming from a guy b/c they hopefully know what girls say when they ask em' out lol make sense????
Izokay8 years ago
As a guy, I'll help you through the least awkward way. Get a friend to tell him. That will break the ice. Then confront him and try to talk about how you feel. Then he'll be prepared for what you have to say.
Doctor What8 years ago
giggles It's really easy. Guys are usually desperate, so any old method will work. Don't text him out though, ask him in person.
benthekahn8 years ago
You should just ask to talk to him and tell him how you feel.