How to attach something to the smooth shaft of a DC toy motor?

Hello I have a small DC motor and I want to attach something to it. But the problem is it has a smooth shaft. How can I attach something to it?

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Downunder35m11 months ago

With the right attachment for example ;)

You can get pulleys with grub screws, press on fittings, glue on fittings......
I could go on for hours but why bother if there are no details provided....

Yonatan2411 months ago

Clean is with some alcohol, And then glue some Epoxy. That should work well.

Yonatan2411 months ago


Yonatan2411 months ago

Hose Clamp

iceng11 months ago

I drill or grind a tiny slot for a piano wire to help Loctite hold the shaft pulley...

What are you attaching to the shaft.

Most pulleys and gears are press fitted.