How to autorun a cd?

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randomhat8 years ago
Autorun a premade cd? Or a cd that you've already made?
drmjj55 (author)  randomhat8 years ago
autorun a cd-r to put a program on it
I use, divX autorun.
It's very basic, but you do have to read the instructions to figure it out.
The start of this is to create a floating window with a picture that has links.
If you play around with it a little, you can figure out the autorun commands.
I've modded this quick program to have a menu for my father's music cds.
Or this place, lists all the commands in the autorun.inf file that you place in the cd's root directory.
Laknight1178 years ago
right click on the disk drive and set it up
ChrysN8 years ago