How to ballast an MOT with another Mot and have it to have resonance at the same time?

So I have two MOTS and 3 MOC'S (microwave oven capacitors) and I'm wondering how I can wire it to be ballasted and to also have resonance at the same time.. If that's possible.. Because I'd like to have it ballasted but ballasting limits current which in turn gives you smaller arcs so I want to wire it to have resonance so I can have big arcs while still having it ballasted.. Someone please help quick!.. 
To make it simple I wanna know how to wire two MOTS to be ballasted and also have resonance..

An idea came to mind if I have two MOTS I can wire one to act as an inductive ballast but Idk how to so that's why I came here but I could do that after I figure out from you guys and then maybe I could use one capacitor to act with the inductive ballast and use the capacitor as a second ballast for capacitive ballasting go work along with the inductive ballast.. Anyway

Just help me with wiring it to be ballasted and how to wire it to have resonance while ballasted..
And if I can use both the 2nd mot and the capacitor to both work as ballasts at the same time..

Thank you c:
No homo but much love if you take your time to help me c; <3

Both MOTS are atleast 1000 to 1100 watts and let off 2000 volts minimum and atleast 20 to 30 amps when arcs are being made because my circuit breaker always trips on the wall panel with all the breakers to everything in the house and capacitors are atleast 0.80 to 0.98 uF.. And have a max capacitance of 2000 to 2200 volts minimum.. I can't afford my own circuit breaker to wire to any of the MOTS nor thecapacitor s and can't afford a wall plug thing to wire to a switch either.. So limited on some things..

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TaeronR (author) 11 months ago

@downunder35m but I want one MOT live and the second one acting as a ballast.. But can you tell me how to wire it to use the second mot as a ballast..

Also since you've probably been with this stuff long is it possible to have my mot ballasted with the second mot and have capacitors hooked for resonance all at once

You can use one as a ballast and one as the HV supply but that only gives you the resonance of one transformer - and at quite reduced levels due to the ballast.
With two MOTs antiparallel you need 4 identical capacitors - always 2 in series and 2 parallel to them.
The ballst could be a toaster, fan heater or similar in this case.
If in doubt ask my friend Google and you get plenty of images and schematics shwing the various options of wiring.

TaeronR (author) 11 months ago

ok so now how would I wire another Mot to the first mot to act as a ballast or inductive ballast basically.. And how to wire it to also have resonance

TaeronR (author)  TaeronR11 months ago

or would something like having it ballasted and resonating at the same time be impossible

TaeronR (author)  TaeronR11 months ago

if so would that mean I can only have one thing happening at one time.. for example if I wanted it ballasted I'd have to hook another transformer to it(still don't know how) (I do know basics but not everything) and if I wanted resonance I'd have to unballast it and hook the capacitors to it.. Is that what you saying basically?

iceng TaeronR11 months ago

Just repeating "that resonances are diametrically opposed to limiting of any kind"..

Diametrically opposed == Not possible

As uoy surmised basically !

Downunder35m11 months ago

You can run two identical MOTs and capacitors anti parallel.
Between the HV outputs you now get twice the voltage.
Add a third transformer that is the same as the other two in series as your ballast.
I do play a lot with HV for all sorts of stuff, but when it comes to MOTs even I treat them with respect.
It is not like a sharp and painful buzz from a neon sign transformer...
If a MOT HV has a chance to kill then it will certainly try to do so!!!

TaeronR (author)  Downunder35m11 months ago


TaeronR (author) 11 months ago

@downunder35m otherwise if that isn't possible can you just explain how I can ballast my MOT with the second mot.. Ps. Also lemme know how to wire it for resonance...just in case what I request isn't possible and I have to switch back and fourth so it's easier

iceng11 months ago

Resonance is a natural oscillation between an inductive and capacitive element that generates large voltages and currents between them... If a mains line is pumping (ie_supplying) the excitation it will pull as much power as the Q of the main circuit allows..

A ballast uses a resistor or inductor to change the Q to limit the speed of current buildup by waste heat in a resistor or storing some energy in a magnetic field to release the flux as the AC mains phase starts to fall to zero before reversing and there-by limits the resonance amplitude..

Just saying that resonances are diametrically opposed to limiting of any kind..

One or the other ! And you are messing with lethal power. Do Not Get Killed...

steveastrouk iceng11 months ago

And the balance between resonances and ballasting you might call the "Q factor" - sharp resonance REQUIRES low resistances.

TaeronR (author)  steveastrouk11 months ago

got it

TaeronR (author)  iceng11 months ago

I see..