How to boost the wifi range of a nintendo ds?

How to boost the wifi range of a nintendo ds?

Joe Martin5 years ago
If you wanted to open it up you could solder a external antenna in the internal one. I don't actually know the wiring of the wireless antennas (To add a external) But I know that the antennas are in the lid of DS. Good luck!
treinengek (author)  Joe Martin5 years ago
OK thanks!
roofm5 years ago
If you go to the search bar and put "ds wifi", I put an Instructable with the answer. If it's not there, take alumuim foil and fold it so its 1 inch wide. Then put it under your ds. You will notice a boost in signal strength.
I'll have to try it. Would it work if I stuck the foil inside the battery compartment, like under the battery, or does it have to be in a certain place?
I haven't tried that. You could give it a try. If it works, tell me.

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