How to break up a couple?

At school all my friends have boy friends and there is one girl that stole my boy friend i know he likes me better coz he comes up and kisses me hugs me.what i wanna know is how to break them up coz i want the boy not her.MAWH-HA-HA-HA

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pwoodsford6 years ago
Its not gd to get ur revenge its either 1.u have to let him go and move on or 2.It will happen anyway relationships don't last 4 ever even though people say it will when it wont xx 

kimpiven8 years ago
 Try an online service that will break the couple up for you so it doesn't trace back to you.   One service is 
No good will come of this. You can't steal someone's love so let him go. But in saying that, spread a rumour that you've slept with him recently. You'll ruin any chance you have with him but you'll have your empty revenge.
lemonie8 years ago
Don't bother trying it'll happen anyway... L
Sandisk1duo8 years ago
get a 'real' and definite answer from the guy you like, present him with this statement: "Either it's me, or her" if he likes you more then the other chick, he'll choose you