How to build a vertical round sander?

Hello everyone. I recently started recycling empty bottle by cutting them and would like to build some sort of round sander that stands vertically on the ground or a table. I was thinking of maybe buying and old motor of some sort and attaching a piece of plywood maybe and just glue a sandpaper on it to sand of the edges off bottles to make drinking glasses or vases.Any advices would be appreciated or different ideas. Thank you.

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rickharris6 months ago

I've heard that these are just way easier to buy than build.

But you can also use a drill press as a spindle sander.

Don't forget to wear a respirator when sanding glass!

iceng Yonatan245 months ago

In addition to head protection MENSA (Mouth,Eyes,Nose,Sound,Aegis) a vacuum to collect debris would make a lot of sense...

Very important safety note that. Yes glass should be either wet sanded (best) or with a proper respirator. Prolonged exposure causes Silicosis.

I mean, a spindle sander that oscillates all the time is a pretty difficult mechanism to build.

I drill press can be adjusted so you don't wear out the sand paper only in one spot.

But the simplest way is to attach a drum sander to a drill or dremel. I think...

iceng rickharris5 months ago

Superb vid the motion is easily installed..