How to change Gerber RS247 to GRBL g code with .nc file monikers

I have bought a 1610 cnc milling machine which use .nc gcode files. The machine came with pcb manufacturing software Coppercam. I use Fritzing ( which I find is easy to use and very good for my purposes) to design the pcb and the export the pcb via Gerber RS247. This gives .gbl , gtl, and drill text files that are then imported into CopperCam. I then do all the contours for the circuits and hatching for the board which work fine. Trying to do the drills, if it is not an Excellon file, does not seem to work in that the drill holes do not show on the screen. Fritzing does not export Excellon files. If I look in the drills section the number of holes required are listed. The I try to create an export file that I send to the milling machine. The sample etching templates that came with the machine are .nc gcode files. I have tried all the option of output from Coppercam but nothing works. I would appreciate some advice on both mentioned problems without having to get new software as the exchange rate for south African currency to any other is pure murder. Thank you in advance Atilla the Hun

Downunder35m10 months ago

There are lot of variances between the GCODE files even if they have the same ending.
With some short code smaples it would be easier to analyse the problem...
Might be as simple as checking the GCODE file for the holes and to adjust the parameters to make it fit.
Usually people try to get a matching pair of software and hardware to avoid these troubles.

Atilla the Hun (author)  Downunder35m9 months ago
Hi Downunder35m, I managed to figure out how to do it as follows: Create the pcb in Fritzing, export as Gerber RS247, import into FlatCam as Gerber and Excellon files,create geometries, create cnc job, export to g-code with file moniker .nc. I use a 1610 3 axis milling machine and the test result so far is good. As an aside if you create a sign using discrete LEDs you have to make the sign backwards. Thanks for you input, it made me sit up and think. Atilla the Hun
rickharris10 months ago

I suggest you ask google to find a file translator, there is usually one for most common file types.