How to change Raspberry Pi magic mirror to 12 hour time and to Fahrenheit?

Hi, I'm building a raspberry pi Magic mirror using MichMich's program found here:
The problem that I am having is that I can't get the clock and temperature to change to 12hr and Fahrenheit.

I tried doing what it says here:

But I still can't get it to change. Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.

JaredL331 year ago

Change the following settings in the config.js file:

timeFormat: 12,

units: 'imperial'

stalker1451 year ago

A quick glance at the Github site yielded what could, possibly, be the answer.

If you look in the subfolder "config" and the file "config.js", you'll find what appears to be the items to change on lines 11 and 12.

FireShot Capture 4 - MagicMirror_config.js.sample at master_ - https___github.com_MichMich_MagicMi.png
rickharris1 year ago

I think you may have better luck questioning the author.

Github is the base and if the author won't answer there you can assume the project to be abandoned.
I doubt anyone here will go through the troubles to install it just to find out how to change it to US standards.