How to clean a ghillie suit?

I recently made a ghillie suit out of burlap fabric. I took each individual strand out and then dyed them with various colors of rit dye. They are hand tied onto netting on my BDU clothing. How do i gently clean paint out of a ghillie suit from paintball?

Re-design8 years ago
I'll bet that suit is not so hard to spot now! I guess paint ball paint is water soluable, right? I don't do paintball since I got my fill of the real thing in the late 60's. If it were me, I'd hang it in the shower on a real stout wooden hanger and use a shower sprayer on a hose to rinse the paint off and down the drain. You can vary the water temp so that you get it all out. Let it drip dry there until I could get it outside with out flooding the floor and let it air dry from there. Then I'd look for a "scotchguard" that I could spray on or soak the suit in so that it wouldn't absorb the color so deeply next time. Good luck.
trf (author) 8 years ago
thank you very much. That sounds like a great idea.
trf (author) 8 years ago
oh and sorry i put it in home i wasnt paying attention lol