How to clean crocodile clips?

I was cleaning my room and found some old crocodile clips, they are all oxidized at the tip, they are like this because when i was like 11 i was into electrolisis, and i used the crocodile clips for that... How incredibly dumb of me :S so How do i clean them? what shall i use? thanks

Dr.Bill8 years ago
try brush them with toothpaste
UziMonkey8 years ago
Maybe try some CLR. Though I'd just toss them. Alligator clips are cheap, is it worth your time to clean them?
amando96 (author)  UziMonkey8 years ago
yea they are coz i live miles from a shop where you can buy 'em... so ya i must use everything i have...
Gamgee8 years ago
try sandpaper and some hydrogen peroxide