How to clean venetian blinds ?

What is the easiest way to clean the slats on venetian window blinds ?

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The best way to clean venetian blinds is to look for experts in your area that cleans venetian blinds. In my case I don't clean it myself because I know its very delicate. QA certification
crystallie5 years ago
I made extra brackets on a board the same sizes as my blinds and hung them outside, sprayed with cleaning solution made with Woolite (which is gentle yet effective), brushed lightly on both sides, rinsed thoroughly and wiped off excess water when nearly dry. After drying I wiped with fabric softener sheets which helps keep them cleaner longer Wood blinds orange county.
johnnywgk8 years ago
ultrasonic blind cleaning services try google search
Kiteman8 years ago
It is possible to buy specially-designed cleaners for quite reasonable amounts, such as this example.
Are they cloth, plastic, or metal? If they are cloth or are a pain to take down, try a can of compressed air. (Buy compressed air in a hardware store or the hardware section of Walmart. For some reason, compressed air is horribly overpriced when it is sitting on the store shelf beside computers or office supplies.) If they are not cloth, try this: Duct tape a trash bag over the mechanism at the top. (Or if it is well-sealed, just duct tape over the holes.) Then take your blinds outside, lay them flat on the driveway, and hit them with the sprayer attachment of your garden hose. Lay them out on a towel to dry in the sun.