How to connect 10W led + 12v Led Driver directly onto Arduino?

Hello there, can anyone give me an advice on connecting an 10W led + 12 volt drive to an Arduino Uno? it works but when i tried to connect to Uno it doesn't work anymore. Thankyou

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steveastrouk9 months ago

Yes, without care, don't.

How did you wire it all up ? Can you post a diagram ?

NO pin on an Arduino output will accept 12V.

YuT6 (author)  steveastrouk9 months ago
Hi Steve, I did it exactly the same as this video:
and i pluged the led driver into Gnd pin and Pin 9 on the Arduino...
steveastrouk YuT69 months ago

Does the LED work if you connect it, on its OWN to a 12V supply ?

If it does, you need to make a circuit, like Rick says, which will drive it with a 12V supply AND a pin on your Uno.

YuT6 (author) 9 months ago
I used this product with 12v driver:
rickharris9 months ago

your uno will only supply 20mA current. Not enough to drive the 10 watt led. You need to control a relay or power FET to act as a switch for a separate power supply for the LED friverrt. Look up uno interface ccts.

YuT6 (author)  rickharris9 months ago
Hi Rick, thankyou for your help. :-)