How to connect 2 motors in series so both work?

I've connected two motors in series and only one will work at once. Both motors seem to be fully functional. Do I need to add more power? Both normally take 3 double As and I currently have it connected to only 4.

Please be gentle, high school physics class seems like a million years ago.

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caarntedd7 years ago
Try connecting them in parallel.
. +1. It may help to put a switch in series with one of the motors so that you don't start both motors at the same time.

Remember, a DC motor is continually making and breaking connections in order to transfer the magnetic interaction from coil to coil. That means that if they're in series, each motor is continuously getting its power interrupted. Not a good situation. Even without that, if the voltage drop across each motor was supposed to be 4.5 V, you would need 9V across the pair.

Put them in parallel. It really will work better.
lemonie7 years ago

Are they identical? They sound not.

ModMischief (author)  lemonie7 years ago
The motors are identical, or at least I think they should be.

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You'll need six cells to get them to go anyway.