How to connect usb headphone's wires with circuit boad{control panel}?

I ripped off the wires from the control panel of my usb headphones and now i am completely lost especially at the input points of the control panel which takes the input from a wire which goes in the usb port of a computer.At the output i can see R=RIGHT L=LEFT GND=COMMON don't know about the other two M+ and M- and at the input side of the boad nothing is written where to connect which wire i don't understand please tell me how to connect these coloured wires on the input and the output of the CONTROL PANEL BOARD.I AM LOST!. I HAVE ALL THE IMAGES UPLOADED AND ALSO LABELLED you can see 

iceng3 years ago

That looks like a digital signal processor DSP because of the crystal.

From the USB there is a ground, +5VDC and two high speed digital lines.

At the output each ear piece is two wires and a fifth wire, probably green, is an electrostatic shield.

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Use an ohm meter to locate a pair of ear phone wires that have 1K to 25K resistance. To ID left / right put them on and touch wires with ohm meter and you will hear a faint pop in one ear.

USB pin out can be found on the web. A volt meter can ID the ground and +5 VDC which leaves two directional digital signal wires. Without a scope you don't know which is which. Maybe the web can pinpoint which is which or color or guess twice very briefly.

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