How to control someones computer with command prompt?

The title is the question.

ababat1 year ago
Remotely accessing computer from command prompt is a difficult task. Instead use remote support tools such as logmein, gosupportnow, GoToMyPC etc.
mwebster63 years ago
Okay, first go to cmd then type 'tracert' then press enter.
That will come up with all the IP's (Internet Protocols) that are online on your game/chatting device.

Now open another cmd keeping the first one open and type 'shutdown -i' and press enter.
then pick one of the IP's try them all to get the one your looking for to hack.

Now type in the IP and press remote system shutdown or whatever then type in a message.

Then I think you press okay or something. There computer shuts down and once they turn it back on again you have there email! LOL its a sick hack try it.

NOTE: THIS WORKS ON ANY GAME/CHATTING DEVICE EXCEPT: Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. sorry =/

Pity, because it doesn't make any sense. The little writing is for your explanation