How to control the temperature of a peltier module?

What is the most efficient way of controlling the degree of hotness or coldness of a 12v 6A peltier module? Can I use PWM?

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yes, you can use a PWM, to be honest, the most efficient way of controlling it is by using a controller, that is , TEC controller. I have ever met the same problem as you, I used one controller from a company called Analog Technologies, inc. As I am not very sure about your situation, you can select one from this page, http://www.analogtechnologies.com/tec-controller.htmldeeply hope that I can help u.

ziege11 year ago

We live where temperatures range between damn cold and damn hot (celsius).

Our small, old dog lives in a small, insulated house which is fully enclosed INSIDE the garage (under a bench) with a small hatch to the outside world. She frequently sleeps with a jug of water with a fish tank heater in it.

I'm trying to source ideas for a 12V automatic peltier heat/cool system which I can set and forget. I don't need to maintain a fixed temp, as long as I can adjust the damn cold and damn hot levels individually. Let's say 10-35degC (50-95degF).

Either a single reversed peltier or a heat & cool set would work.

Technically, I could build it but logistically, I'm busy that day, so I'd consider paying someone to parcel the working circuitry to me and I'll do the plumbing.

Nanshi2 years ago

There's a much easier way to control the peltier module, i.e. using a TEC controller. I'm sure it will save your time and improve the efficiency. You may find a proper TEC controller with reasonable price here:


Hinesdarrel3 years ago

To control the temperature of a peltier
module, you need to use a high quality temperature controllers like
thermistors, TEC controllers or TEC modules. You can get the high
quality temperature control from
http://www.analogtechnologies.com/tec-controller.html .

The thermostat circuit looks like this and it can be adjusted to the temperature you like.

You need a thermistor for ether hot or cold depending on what side of the peltier you want to control and it goes against the peltier module.


PWM is generally a bad idea, unless you use some filtering to smooth it. Also, you need full bridge control.

Hi Steve, thank you for reply. Do you know any other methods by which I can achieve the temperature control?

Use linear control instead, if you can afford the extra power dissipation in the amplifier.

A thermostat is the way to go.

Take a thermistor and connect it to a rail to rail or schmitt trigger opamp wired as an adjustable comparator. Then adjust to the temp you want.