How to convince your parents to buy you an ipod touch. Also tell me some really good apps.

Does an 8 gigabyte ipod touch hold a lot of apps?

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Ways to get an iPod Touch:

1. Ask around Christmas or your birthday.

2. Tell them in advance and wait for a few months. (This worked for me)

3. Do chores around the house.

4. Earn an allowance.

5. Make them sign a "family contract" as proof if they can't get you one.

6.If all else fails, get as many good grades as you can in school (such as finals or tests) and be patient. I mean super patient. (This took me 2 years to wait.)

BADWOLF16 years ago
learn to stop mooching off your parents. Don't get spoiled. Get a job and buy your own. I'm just a paperboy and I bought myself a blueray player.
dude... be nice u heard the kid- he's NINE. HOW CAN HE GET A JOB. -???
think before u type
Well..... you have to get really good grades 2 show them ur responsible. And ask 4 one around Christmas or your Birthday. If they think it cost to much, try asking for a lower generation. And offer to pay half the cost, and if even that doesn't work. Throw in the NO INTERNET sacrifice and PAY EVERY/OR EVERY OTHER month fees. Hope this helps out!

Good apps:
-Temple Run
-Fruit Nina
-Angry Birds
-Jet Pack Joy Ride
-Cut the Rope
Re-design8 years ago
Get a job and earn you own Ipod touch. And yes 8 gig will hold a ton of apps and more music than you can name.
ok thanks but i am only 9
 if you want to convince your parents, it comes with a calculater, and there is an entire section for education. that would convince my parents(possibly)
Sean_Voodoo8 years ago
say it will be a comprimise and ask for it as a early bday pesent,poket god is the best app
ReCreate8 years ago
Does an 8 gigabyte ipod touch hold a lot of apps?
Oh yeah, Big time.