How to cook turkey legs faster than 2 hours, they are not that big, Still 350? Can i micro it some? DG?


opensuse8 years ago
cut meet off the bone first, lay out baking sheet in a thin and spread out fillet as possible...very quick
Z..8 years ago
Part micro, then finish off in the oven. As Re-design said-make sure they are cooked through, hence the thermo.

The alternative is to 'butterfly' them. Cut them to the bone lengthwise, and with a sharp knife scrap the flesh from the bone, working right around until you can remove it.

Now spread the leg into a flat piece, skin side up. They will cook much faster this way. I do them on the BBQ,-basting them with any marinade of my choice.
Re-design8 years ago
Microwave will do it in about 30.  MUST check the internal temp with a thermo.
This site says a PRESSURE COOKER will do it in 12 minuits.