How to cool a really hot CPU in a cheap/inexpensive and efficient way?

Since summer has started, now my CPU temperature goes very high and the computer shuts down. The normal CPU temperature is above 75 Degrees. I do not have AC at home. Is there a way to cool the cpu with home made things or something easily available and cheap / inexpensive? The PC lay flat with it's cover open, and the ceiling fan at full speed. I do not run hot but the poor cpu does at above 75 degrees still. What can I do about it?

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zack2476 years ago
clean off your cpu heatsink from dust, then i suggest you get speedfan (a quick google for "speedfan download" should get you to its site) and after you have it started up, go to configure> advanced> select a chip from the drop down menu box, if the first one doesn't control your fans, then keep looking until you find the one that does. then, select PWM mode 1 set it to "always on full" via the drop down box at the bottom of the window. repeat this for all of the other PWM modes, then click ok and then minimize.
napoleonis8 years ago
hi,i have <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><span style="font-weight: bold;">AMD Phenom </span></span>965 @ 3400 so imagine temperatures..<br />best option watercooling.<br />get a very good thermal paste-compound/bigger fan or put another fan on top of the stock.<br />also check your air flow.<br />
Water cooling.
shadleyhax8 years ago
Sounds stupid but make sure you clean out the grills of your fan. This can make a huge difference between cooked cpu and running nicely. The fluff can hide at the bottom of the grills nearest the cpu and while its thre, your temp is prolly gona end up reading a bout 90 to 100 if you leave it ;) i speak from the experience pf a 'resuce pc' :p
110100101108 years ago
clean the cpu cooler from dust etc replace the thermal stuff between the cpu and cooler. remove all of the old compound before applying new. apply very thin and even layer of new. you can used small drop of synthetic machine oil instead too switch to lower cpu speed in the bios settings replace the fans in the computer with more powerfull ones / add fans 75 C is not normal for any cpu. most cpus work at 50 max. very hot ones are maybe 60
. I'd swap the order - 1, 4, 3, 2 - but other than that, it's exactly what I'd try.
75o is not normal, but we don't really know what they've got here - sounds like they might not have a cooler at all?

frollard8 years ago
I just switched out my stock cooler for a bigger heat-pipe fancy one, cost about 50 dollars. It saved me...5 degrees celcius from 45 to 40 at idle, and 60 down to 55 at full power. My old AMD Athalon T-bird (1.19Ghz stock from year 2000) ran into 85-90 degrees with a BIG cooler. Some cpus get that hot, but not many. Get a bigger better fan for in the computer, use a peltier to pump heat out of the cpu, get a bigger heatsink - all should help.
lemonie8 years ago
Tell us more about this CPU - it should have some kind of cooling on it already?
More details = better answer