How to de-lint clothes when drying on a line and not in a dryer?

Obviously I could go over them with a lint roller but I was hoping someone would have a less tedious method. We have two furry cats and some clothes come off the clothesline clean and good-smelling but looking awful, cat-hair-wise.

okeegirl018 years ago
I have 2 dogs and have the same problem. After they are line dried I will toss them into the dryer for about 5 minutes on the coldest setting, I actually have a tumble only setting that doest give off heat. I know that somewhat defeats the purpose of no dryer but I dont use the heat wich is the most energy draining and I only do it for a few minutes just to shake off the hair.
bettsd8 years ago
I have a short haired dog who's fur sticks into any fabric out there... I keep a pair of rubber gloves, like dish washing gloves, handy to de-fur my clothes. I put the glove(s) on and rub in the direction of the fabric's natural grain and the fur sticks to the rubber and ends up in a nice little pile at the seam of my clothes where I can just pick it off in one swipe. Good Luck! Another good idea is to get a reusable lint brush that can be cleaned and reused instead of wasting money on the rip-off tape rollers.
megrh8 years ago
I put the wet clothes in the dryer (on tumble, no heat) for about 10 minutes before hanging them out. I put a reusable dryer sheet (I think I got them through Gaiam) in with the wet clothes. This seems to remove a lot of the cat hair, although still not as much as tumble drying them with heat. I've found that if you wait to tumble dry them on cool until after they've hung on the line, the hair is kind of plastered on and really won't come off. However, if you have some of those dryer balls for softening the clothes, they might help get the hair off after hanging on the line. Good luck!
lemonie8 years ago
If you have cats you have cat-hair. I think the lint-roller may be the best practical option, but I'm going to check back for a better answer. L