How to decrease the out put of a voltage amplifier?

I have a small circuit diagram of a voltage amplifier and it produces 20kv. But I want an output of 1200v - 2000v. Can some one help me on this? :)

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Well, you could take out the multiplier stages: I read that as 8 x multiplication, lose it, and you get 20/8 ~ 2.5kV

The multipier has the useful effect though of reducing output current, and you might find without it, the circuit has quite a lot more bite.

Any less than that, and you have to reduce the turns on the transformer by 10:1 instead.
Also run it on a lower voltage supply..
Yeah, I wondered about that, but the 555 won't like running much below 5.
That is right one could only expect a 50% decrease in output that way.

BTW it does not sound like Red has actually built this yet.
These multipliers are notorious at running under published output
because few builders are up to wiring high voltage practices needed
in these multipliers..