How to delete an Instructable?

I published an instructable 1 year ago , and now I want delete that .
That was in a contest 1 year ago , so I see this error when I want delete that :

ERROR 401: Not authorized to delete this Instructable, as it is entered in at least one Contest.

How I can get it out of contest (That contest is for 1 year ago) , then delete it ?

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acidbass5 years ago
admin help or just dont delete it I vote for just dont delete it because it would not only be a hassle to get it deleted but the history of the ible and such need to be deleted also because it is in the history of a contest.
SimranAnsari9 months ago

this is a method

I just hit edit and deleted all the old junk and inserted new stuff for current project!
Probably the easiest
farzadbayan (author)  woodstockbirdy4 years ago
That work just for instructables that they weren't in a contest. If you submit a instructable in a contest, you can't delete that with that way. You should contact to Admin.
farzadbayan (author) 5 years ago
But they should make a easier way for this work ...
farzadbayan (author)  farzadbayan5 years ago
Admin helped !
they should if it has any history in a contest
jabronie255 years ago
Edit > Left side > delete

that doesn't work? Maybe you have to contact an admin