How to delete the sent message on facebook on both side?

Please help me do to that.

iceng2 months ago

email in haste,

repent in leisure :-(

Do not add to your sadness with emotional outbursts, meditation is to let strong emotion pass away from your soul and leave a true oneness with your deity of choice..

Lima791 month ago

What was the message:)

Downunder35m2 months ago

There is a good reason why Facebook is included in the checklists of emplyers, schools and universities - people often post things they should not post....
Sadly Facebook does not allow the handling of things you have already sent, in fact they see all text and images as their property from the point you sent it.

There are other messengers available that not only allow full control but also more privacy in terms of encryption, status and other things...
Facebook, Twitter and so on only have one purpose: Making people with no real life feel more important until they mess up ;)
What is wrong with a phone call, email or better still; a personal conversation?...
I see people every week texting each other despite the fact that they sit only 5m apart.
Some manage to be on Facebook at least 5 times per hour...

bwrussell2 months ago

Not possible without access to "both sides". The best way is to not send any messages you don't want control of.