How to do a report on the human body? I need it NOW!!!!!!?

Please give info at a 7th grade level! It's for a sience report! It also has a pre-made booklet to use so please just list sources of good info!

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jabronie256 years ago
Human body as a whole? You can right about how they all work together like cells>tissues>organs>organ systems>organism, and how they all work together to keep humans alive.

You should really start with one subject you want to talk about: diseases, muscles, bones, etc
Kiteman6 years ago
Step one, visit a library.

Step two, read some books.

Step three, take some notes.

Step four, organise your notes into a sensible order.

Step five, write out your notes neatly and in full sentences. Don't forget to include some hand-drawn diagrams or organs systems, and pay attention to your grammar.

Step six, hand in your *own* work to your teacher, rather than leaving it to the last minute before asking a group of strangers to do your homework for you.
JGW will show you how. ;)

lemonie6 years ago

Take all your clothes off and see what you can come up with.

rickharris6 years ago
Shouting, demanding and Panic are all bad.

Sit down and think.

Collect date follow Kitemans reconsiderations

The toe bone's connected to the foot bone.
The foot bone's connected to the heel bone....

I remember the neck bone's connected to the back bone....
blkhawk6 years ago
Well, you better hit the books! Do you think that you can get help just like that? It's your homework and your responsability.
VerendusVir6 years ago
I would go through each of the major systems of the body, digestive, muscular, respiratory, etc. Explain how each works and how they make the body do what it does.