How to do a solar remote control car?

I love remote control cars, but I don't like using batteries. I'm living in Malaysia, we have sunshine almost throughout the year. I want to replace the rc car's batteries with solar cell to keep my rc car on going all the time. How can it be done with 1.5v AA battery times 4 replace by a solar panel in my remote control car? I got small garden lamp solar panel. Can that solar panel be use and how? Thanks in Advance

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revhead8 years ago
I have some experience with solar power. the first thing I will tell you is to not completely throw away the batteries and just use the solar panel to power the car. what you should do is buy some cheap rechargeable AA batteries (times four, or however many the car needs) and build a simple circuit that uses the solar panel to recharge the batteries, and the batteries charged by the sun will power the car. I can give you the circuit diagram, detailed explanation on how to do it, and everything else that you might need!! this method will require some soldering,resistors, and what not, if you are interested just PM me. more than glade to help, cheers!!
HI Rev
Could please send me that circuit becuase it is helpful for my project, as i am designing a solar based robot which is communicated by bluetooth low energy using CSR 1000 and anroid app(controlling through mobile phone ). so all i need is solar power management from solar panel to the car wich consists of CSR1000 works on 3.5 volts and consumes < 600n A current.
hi i was wondering if you could send me the diagram and everything else that i would need please and also if you know where i can buy cheap solar panel for this project. please email me at or however this works im a bit new to this website. thanks.
ample (author) 5 years ago
Thanks guys. I have developed my own Solar RC Pick Up Monster
mr.RC7 years ago
you can make an  instructableSolar rc conversion like this one it looks nice
niranj_19948 years ago
Its easy to a r/c car and attach a solar panel which has the power to run that car.
laci378 years ago
The easiest way: Buy a cheap RC car, put a solar cell on its top, make sure thet it gices the voltage that the car runs off and connect it to the battery leads
randofo8 years ago
You can try this instructable or this instructable or even this one. They are all good starting points for what you are trying to do.