How to download and save Vimeo videos?

I was wondering if any of you guys is familiar with Vimeo and with how to download or record and save Vimeo videos to pc. I would love to be able to download Vimeo videos so that I could transfer  a couple of my favorite Vimeo videos to my Nokia cell phone, for example. 
Do I need to find something like a Vimeo Video Downloader  just to be able to download and convert Vimeo videos to a format compatible with my cell phone?

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Hey guys, I'm just wondering one thing about your dilemma on how to download or capture and save Vimeo videos to your hard disk: wth don't you just use a Vimeo Video Downloader and Converter, in the first place?
I know that there are a lot of other alternative options to installing some Vimeo Downloader, but most of those are not that reliable.  And there is another issue also: since you want to transfer Vimeo videos to cell phone you need to convert Vimeo videos from flv to 3gp or mp4, so an all-in-one Vimeo Video Downloader and Converter would definitely be useful for you.
You can take a look, for example, at an app called Tunebite, it can also function as a Vimeo Downloader without any problems.
It is actually able to capture, download, save movies and videos from video streaming portals like Vimeo, Netflix, Hulu, Facebook, Dailymotion and a lot of other such websites.
Getting back to your problem, Tunebite Vimeo Downloader can both download and convert  Vimeo videos to avi, 3gp, mp4, wmv and so on, this means that you will not need two apps for the same job.
For help using Tunebite to download and convert  Vimeo videos, use this tutorial from here.
Try it,  it might just be the Vimeo Video Downloader you were looking for.

I highly recommend Allavsoft which can batch download Videos from Vimeo to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, MPG, MKV, 3GP, MPG, Apple ProRes, MP3, WAV, FLAC etc. Allavsoft not only supports to download videos from Vimeo but also more other websites, like YouTube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Redtube, Smotri and Vevo.

Step by step guide at

danielkathee5 months ago

I use Allavsoft to download from Vimeo, YouTube, Lynda, SBS, Facebook etc
Here is the easy guide

ColinBores8 months ago

Crashes all the time.. Why not use houlo video downloader which is stable and much faster?

JerryN1810 months ago

Well, to solve your problems without any hasssles based on my experience, you'd better try a totally free online download service - Video Grabber that grants you the great ability to download multiple videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Veoh, Vevo, as well as millions of other video sharing websites. Apart from Video downloader, this tool also comes with video converter to help you convert videos to desired formats compatible with portable devices. Don't hesitate to give it a try:



You can use Online video converter to convert and download video from vimeo.

missyel1 year ago

I recommend this app Elmedia Player PRO which downloads all embedded Vimeo videos.

Check the 'how to..." steps: (

KeithS711 year ago

I just find another easy method to batch download video from Vimeo, YouTube, Dailymotion, Yornhub, Lynda, etc from

It like its batch downloading and fast downloading speed.

MarcelaG91 year ago

I use a simple trick that is the dl trick and work on smatphones (except Iphone) and on computers.

  • Go to youtube (or vimeo and etc) and search for the video you wish to download.
  • add the letters DL to the URL of the video. Place to add the letters is before the name of the site (see example in the image).
  • Press enter.
  • Automatically get directed to the downloader's site.
  • Choose the quality of video you wish.

That's it, simple and easy


You may use a free online tool like Zamzar to save Vimeo videos, it also lets you convert videos to MP4 or 3GP for putting onto mobiles. Tips on this article may help:

You may also refer to this step by step guide to download Vimeo videos at

msparks63 years ago

I tried to use the suggested tool, but it charged… actually, I didn’t want to pay. But, luckily, I found another downloader~ totally free ~and cover all your needs. You can use it to download and convert. It’s convenient that you can convert the video to MP4 format and then transfer the video to your Nokia. Hope my sharing experience is useful to you ~

Recommend Bigasoft Video Downloader Pro.

It supports downloading videos from more than one thousand websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and so on.

I used it for two years and love it.
ckdut5 years ago
I share you a software-GetFLV, it can help you download Vimeo
videos/movies for free. You can download it from
Many users wanna get HD videos from vimeo, it's really amazing experience for you to do so. You must want to get tips and apps to do it with great ease. Some software like vimeo video downloader, orbit downloader and free service could get this done.
linpandut5 years ago
GetFLV is also a nice software to download videos from Vimeo.
Up website has more details about the GetFLv.
Everybody may have a try.
skarado5 years ago
Yeah, there are two steps to deal with your problem. First one is to record Vimeo video to your computer, the second step is to convert video to compatible format of your cell phone like mp4 or 3gp.

As wannabehenry stated that a Vimeo Video Recorder which integrates these two functions will definitely a good solution for you. Free try it to either download video from vimeo or record it on PC screen.
TomasYoung6 years ago
hi, you need video downloader and if you want transfer some video to your cell phone use a converter. take a look at this one;contentBody;1n
it has some useful features which allows you convert videos to make it playable after you transfer it to your cell phone.
leftward7 years ago
Hi, lad. you r so da*n  cheeky! xiangwo.You answered your own question.   I usually usevideo sharer to do those jobs. 
conradtwelve (author) 7 years ago
Thanks for all the help you guys gave me to find out how to download and save Vimeo videos easily. I have taken a look at the solutions some of you guys found to be useful for saving Vimeo videos. They do look interesting but I'm not that good with computers plus I really needed a good all-in-one Vimeo Video Downloader and Converter that could download, record, convert, save Vimeo videos without me having to do any copy pasting or any other complicated stuff.
So I guess those online video downloader websites are really out of the question, not to mention that method to save Vimeo videos from cache which seems rather time wasting.
So, this Tunebite Vimeo Video Downloader and Converter actually seems the best solution to my problem with downloading, converting and saving Vimeo videos for cell phone.
I also liked the fact that it has a lot of other features that can be used to convert all types of audio video files and to download videos from such a large number of video streaming websites and movie portals. I am still playing around with Tunebite and didn't get to try out all the features yet but again thanks  for all the help guys.

jonahquinn7 years ago
Well, if you guys need to download or save Vimeo videos to pc, also take a look at the post form here, found it on google:
It's about some script and how to download Vimeo videos with its help.
Scripts are definitely not my thing, so haven't tried it to see if it actually saves Vimeo videos but since you guys were interested in finding out how to download and save Vimeo videos I figured it might be of some use to someone round here.
benjaminbj7 years ago
Hello guys

Interesting question indeed, but what I don't understand is why are u wasting your time with online video downloader websites or video downloader add-ons for browsers? I'm not saying that these cannot be used to download and save Vimeo videos to pc but these  video downloaders just do not seem reliable enough for me.
Have u tried installing a Vimeo Video Downloader on your pc, for a change? Don't use Vimeo videos that often, but I am pretty sure there must be some reliable Vimeo Video Downloader and Converter you could just install on your pc and use to download and convert vimeo videos for cell phone.
Here's an idea: just try a google search on "vimeo video downloader" or something like that.
Good luck!
Sammy_Low7 years ago

I am using only online video conversion. I don't like installing free software on my PC so instead of installing most probably two different software, one to do the download job right and one to convert the vimeo files. I am using a online service like It downloads your vimeo files and any other flash videos and it also helps you converting to the desired format respecting video and audio quality.

So,I think, such an online service is always better than installing some unknown and strange third party vimeo downloader software to download and another vimeo converter.

luckyjamie7 years ago

If you want to be able to record and save Vimeo videos, there are also other methods that can be used to  download, convert and transfer Vimeo videos to cell phone without necessarily going through the trouble of finding a Vimeo Downloader or something like that.

For, example take a look at the article from here:

It's about how to download and save Vimeo Videos to pc with the help of some script that guy discovered on google.There are also some instructions there on how to use it to save Vimeo videos, if you think you can't manage.

But since you mentioned you want to be able to save and transfer Vimeo videos to cell phone, you probably also need to find something like a Video Converter to convert and transfer your downloaded Vimeo videos to cell phone. That shouldn't be a problem, because there are a lot of Video Converters that could help u convert Vimeo videos for cell phone. Take a look here for example:

That should help ou solve your little probelm with how to  download, convert and save Vimeo videos to cell phone.

mariadiaz7 years ago
Actually those online video downloader websites are a pretty useful solution for downloading and saving Vimeo videos or flash videos from other such websites, if I come to think of it.
If zamzar didn't work for you, that doesn't  mean that there are not other such online video downloader websites that could actually work to download and convert Vimeo videos for pc or cell phone without problems.
Take a look at another online video downloader website; benderconeverter is called. It works pretty well for downloading and converting Vimeo videos to file formats you can use on your cell phone.
Anyways I am pretty sure this method for downloading  Vimeo videos is much more useful and effcient than trying to save Vimeo videos from the temp folder or the cache of the browser.

lettybetty7 years ago
Well, actually zamzar doesn't work to record Vimeo videos, as far as I know they do not offer support for downloading Vimeo videos with their online video downloader, it does not even even recognize the extension of the Vimeo video you'd try to download and convert with it.

But if you ask me, you don't really have to get any Vimeo Video Downloader to save Vimeo Videos to your hard disk. I don't watch Vimeo videos that often but as far as I know the videos from there are flash videos so you can just as well save Vimeo videos from the cache of your browser or from the temporary files folder from you pc.
Here's an example of how you could  save Vimeo videos form browser cache:

Of course, if you save Vimeo Videos this way, I gues you need to find a Vimeo to cell phone converter to convert from flv to a file format supperted by your cell phone.
But  I am pretty sure you can find on the web an useful Vimeo Video Converter.
eddydoode7 years ago
Don't use Vimeo, but if  Vimeo Videos are flvs than I guess you don't necessarily need to get a Vimeo Video Downloader to download and save Vimeo videos to pc.
You can just as well use one of those online video downloader websites, these are websites that act as Video Downloaders and can be used, in your particular case,  to download and convert Vimeo videos to 3gp or whatever other file format works best for your Nokia cell phone.
Take a look, for example,  at zamzar, this is one of those  online video downloader websites ; see if there's any chance it could be used instead of a Vimeo Video Downloader.

conradtwelve (author) 7 years ago
Well gee, thanks. But which  Vimeo Video Downloader should I actually use to download Vimeo videos?
I did a google search on Vimeo Video Downloaders and there are a lot of results for this, I was thinking someone could actually recommend some good app for downloading and saving Vimeo videos easily.
I would  also need something that can convert Vimeo videos to cell phone, not sure exactly what video format is best for Nokia phone.
frollard7 years ago
You need something like VimeoVideoDownloader.  You answered your own question.