How to download data into the PICAXE 18m2 ?

How to download date into the PICAXE 18m2 ?
im really confused over this.

the products i have :  picaxe 18m2, uln2803a( not sure if this is necessary), chi030 project board, AXE027 cable, and 3 AA batter power supply. i basically have the demo kit.

i was wondering if you could use this kit to download the date from the PICAXE programming editor to the picaxe18m2 or do you have to build a separate download circuit to accomplish this ? if someone can clear my confusion. im also confused about the USB Download Circuit and Serial Download Circuit and their difference.

if someone can make a small guide using pictures or video  and maybe even do the demo led test off the picaxe manual, ( i would greatly appreciate it. thank you

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rickharris5 years ago
All you need is the USB cable interface and the battery power pack.

READ through the manuals - Manual 1 particularly which covers your problems in detail.

Short answer - Connect battery

Connect USB cable to demo board and to the, PC run the Picaxe editor software (free from their site) - The editod will detect the Picaxe and your program will download.
dudeitskumar (author)  rickharris5 years ago
its giving me the

Error - Hardware not found on COM3:

Possible causes:
1) Hardware not connected.
2) Hardware not powered.
4) Hardware needs reset.

i have checked all this, retried it over 50 times..:(
1. You would be FAR better off posting your questions in the very friendly Picaxe forum

2. It is more likely the way your PC is dealing with the configuration.

in my experience this is caused by:
1. No power to the picaxe
2. Dead or low batteries
3. Plugged into the com 2 port, or Com 1 port or other
4. The com port being hijacked by other devices. - See in device manager what it is connected to.

other than that I promise you the downloading of programs is very very reliable - having used it 1000's of times in a school environment where Kids will find the most obscure way to prevent things working.
dudeitskumar (author)  rickharris5 years ago
i used this circuit drawing

and got it to download the data in but the led is not flashing ( working on fixing the problem currently)
dudeitskumar (author)  dudeitskumar5 years ago
got it to work! thx