How to drive 3 Phase AC motor using Arduino Uno?

I am having 3 phase AC motor in farm. I want to control it using GSM. Please tell me how to do that???

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-max-1 year ago

Are you trying to make a motor controller (large ones are often called variable frequency drives, while small hobby ones are called ESCs, or Electronic Speed Controllers (they are slightly different)) Making one of these especially to drive synchronous motors can be quite complicated, luckily 3 phase induction motors are comparatively simple to control using 6 FETs (configured in a push pull totem pole configuration) because they are self starting and do not have synchronization issues like syconus DC motors.

If you want to drive a synchronous "DC" brushless motor (the ones commonly used for advanced robots, servos and RC models) your best bet is to use an already existing ESC, or if you want to build it yourself, a already developed firmware like simonK. These motors are often driven using a modified 3 phase AC source but requires feedback either in the form of a hall effect sensor or output monitoring circuitry that detects back EMF and sets the 3 phase frequency accordingly. (IDK all the details of how the developed algorithms work) Because there are many different specific ways that the firmwares can drive the motors, using different firmware or different settings within more advanced firmwares can result in different torque/RPM characteristics and other properties.

iceng1 year ago

Is this your first GSM remote device ?

iceng iceng1 year ago
rickharris1 year ago

If you don't have 3 phase electricity then your going to need an inverter.

Do you have three phase for the motor ? If you do, all you need is a "contactor" relay, triggered from the UNO, preferably with another small relay.