How to drive a mini tesla?

i wanted to be able to drive this tesla via a solid state circuit but don't know where to start. i don't need audio mod or bigg sparks just to make it work. bearing in mind i am 13 don't make it to complicated thanks. :)

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rickharris6 years ago
As there isn't any circuit detail with the video did you just guess? If so there is little chance of getting it working - Btter follow one of the web published plans for a tessela coil.

may or may not help you.

I think you would be FAR better off trying for a Van de Graff generator as there are no electronics involved.
For a Tesla coil of this size I would recommend to just build it as a spark gap Tesla coil driven by an ignition coil.
This site has a good ignition coil driver circuit
or you can use a relay driver.
rickharris6 years ago
What instructions or plan did you follow to get this far? What did they say about driving it?

Without knowing some thing about your circuit it's hard to design / recommend how to drive it.
MadScientist101 (author)  rickharris6 years ago
i sort of tryed to copy this
but with out the tube