How to dye stockings in a solid line?

I want to dye a pair of stockings in 2 different colors (Black at the bottom till about mid thigh and white for the top of the leg and gusset)

I know you can use food colorant or kool-aid to dye stockings, that's fine.

My only problem is that I want it dyed in more or less solid line, I don't want the 2 colors bleeding into each other.

Does anyone know how to accomplish this? or have any ideas?


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rickharris4 years ago
You will need a deep enough container to hold the tights up to the point you need to reach.

Stretch white tights them over a wire frame tight and dip in black dye. Stop when you need to.

Some experimentation may be required to get the dye solution to the required thickness to prevent wicking up the textile.

You can thicken he dye with a food thickener such as corn starch or gum Arabic.
Stretch them out on a board. Firmly clamp a straight edge along where you want the line to be at. Now paint on your die and let it set. You may or may not need to flip the stockings over to get the other side. Hopefully you can clamp it tight enough so the die doesn't bleed over. Leave it clamped until dry. You'll need to carefully hand wash them so they won't bleed over. Some hair spray on the white side may help to prevent any bleeding over.
lpringiers (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
Do you think it would work? Wouldn't the fibers "pull" the dye up?

Either way, I don't have a straight edge that I can clamp.
Any other ideas?

Thanks though. It's a start.
Any board or solid object to create that straight line like a ruler will work. I'm sure you have some sort of Ikia or flat pack type furniture with a removable shelf that can be used.

My thought was the hair stray could help act as a barrier to prevent the fibers from soaking up the die since they will be saturated with the hair spray.

Another option is to use spray paint rather than die.
lpringiers (author)  mpilchfamily4 years ago
Thanks. That's very helpful.

But if I do a koolaid dye I have to heat it somehow.
I usually use the microwave. Thats obviously not gonna work if I am using 2 shelves to clamp it down.

Are there easier ways of heating the dye?
Can't you just mix it with hot water?

Dry it with a hair-dryer?