How to electronically pull 100 nylon fishing lines one at a time?

I want to pull a nylon fishing line just a bit with some type of mecanism.It would be just half a centimeter. There would be 100 of these lines. I am thinking about 100 servomotors.Is there a better way of doing so?

maybe a series of cams on a drive shaft. You could of set them by a few degrees so you could get a wave motion as you rotate. I would illustrate if I could.

Like this, but the other way up.

rickharris5 years ago
Do you need a constant 5 mm in an on off mode or do you need the positions inbetween?

A small "toy" DC motor and a disk with a peg for the line will work, a simple micro switch can give positional information.
iceng5 years ago
Use a solenoid.  The are able to pull tens of pounds for half an inch and
run off DC or AC.
I have some 120 VAC units that pull 30 LBs.