How to emulate a RFID key, cheaply?

I've gotten into this nasty little habit of locking my keys in my apartment (twice this month). It costs me 20 bucks to get back in!

We have a RFID key which costs 50 bucks to get a copy of!, There is no code on the back of it either. So, I figure, I'm mechanically inclined, I know how to solder, I can read electrical schematics, I understand diodes, caps, variable resistors, resistors, switches, leds, on and so forth. I by no means understand it all.

Anyways, I am rambling. How could I build a cheap (under 50) key emulator? Just to keep in the Jeep for when this happens again

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EricL15910 months ago

<a href="" rel="follow"></a> makes copies in Canada

JohnC95110 months ago

I found this deal on if you get 5 copies or more. It's $15.95 per copy. I used them recently. It's simple just send them your keys and they mail back the originals with the copies.

EricL1591 year ago

If anyone is interested there's services in Vancouver that offer these services

1336 EricL1591 year ago

Hi Eric, I'm totally amateur in this technology. Could you please explain it to me what device/devices you use and what fobs? Can you with one device copy different type of fobs? Where I can buy it and how much are they? I have small convenience shop in Winnipeg and I'd like to have it. Best, Mick

Mnbadger1 year ago

Not impossible. can copy key fobs for people in the USA.

You can't and that's the whole point of RFID. RFID is designed to be very difficult to duplicate.

Hahahahaha. You're adorable!

RFID is to wirelessly identify things with low power. Thats all it is "designed" to do. Using it in security is an added layer and should not rely on the communication protocol. At best, it is like relying on medco keys.
Mnbadger4 years ago
Old post but if anyone is still interested can copy rfid access keys and fob. Saved me the hassle of buying sketchy Chinese device.
bwrussell5 years ago
There are some insecure RFID systems but typically those are keypad locks that are combined with RFID keys. Because you have access to the key and a little bi to the reader you may be able to build yourself a second key. I would do some research (i.e. a google search) on the specific hardware in question and take a look at THIS Instructable
gmoon5 years ago
You might look into using an AVR (ATtiny) as an RFID tag emulator. It's probably the best documented.

'Course, there are several types of RFID tags, so I don't know if it will emulate your key. And there's the cost of AVRs, programmers (cheap, if you have a computer with a parallel port use a DIY DAPA interface), and the time involved...