How to filter the water comming from a shower and sink and release safely?

I have a cabin and would like to know if I need a septic tank if I use only a shower and a sink, I looking for a cheaper alternative. My toilet is a composting toilet so it donesn't need water.

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spa31rky7 years ago
First check with the local Health Department to the regulations imposed. They are very helpful in these matters. I had a cabin on 20acres and was told by Health Dept that I didn't even need a septic due to over 10 acres......Go Figure! One way is to filter the gray waste in a 55 gal drum before releasing out to nature. As long as the discharge has a ph level of no less than 6.75ph and no signs of microbes than there is no cause to worry. Be sure to discharge 100 feet from any well, streams, creeks or such also.
seandogue7 years ago
greywater from a sink or shower is obviously different than the muck in a septic sewer. Since you're in a cabin, I'd suggest that you use only biodegradable soaps and shampoos (and avoid conditioners), which will ameliorate much of the problems (legal or otherwise!) associated with disposal of water containing soaps. Mnay are legal but still quite unfriendly to the environment. May not affect you, but it may just affect your children and/or grandchildren.

As was noted, make sure you comply with local regulations, or you may find yourself with a very expensive cleanup bill.
lemonie7 years ago
The only need I can see is to comply with legislation. Check with local-government.

Burf7 years ago
Check out homemade gray water systems. There are several here on site and many others you can find through a google search.
Generally, no, you wouldn't need a septic tank, but you need to arrange a soak-away or dry well.