How to find inductance of an unknown inductor?

I have some inductors harvested from an old power supply.They don't have an induction rating and I want to measure them.How do I do this?

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kelseymh8 years ago
Google "measuring inductance." After that, Google "finding information."
Drive it from a VFO, in series with a load resistor, and using a scope, measure the voltage across the resistor and the inductor. When the two are equal, the impedance of the inductor is the same as the resistance of the resistor. Now, since Z=wL, and you know w and Z you can find L.

This procedure won't find the current handling capability of the inductor however.

lemonie8 years ago
Hi, try this calculator:


(Note that I did pretty much what kelseymh suggested, but having done this before I used better search terms)
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