How to fix a broken Wii?

My Wii broke down so that it doesn't recieve signal from the controllers. can you help?

p.s. i've tried replacing the batteries.

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jamiec536 years ago
Is your signal bar correctly positioned and connected?
nerd97 (author)  jamiec536 years ago
Trust me. U do not mean to be rude but "positioned correctly" could he wrong. Is it set right for above or below tv? Try unplugging everything (taking out remote batteries, etc. wait for 1 min and plug everything back in to see if it works. Did the controllers just lose signal, or we're there other problems with the wii? Are you using 3rd party controllers? Take a digital camera up to the sensor bar and if it is wOrking you should see little purple lights coming from it. Try the reset button on the wii, or look for a reset settings in wii menu ( if you can get there eventually)
astroboy9076 years ago
Try resetting both the wii and the controller signals (little red buttons on back of remotes and in SD slot on wii)
nerd97 (author)  astroboy9076 years ago
this did not work.