How to fix a speedometer?

I recently have my power steering fluid emptied unnoticed. I got stuck in the middle of the road, when I re-started the engine, the speedometer didn't work anymore. I got the power steering fluid filled with new ones but it didn't fix the problem (speedometer). Now I only feel I'm the most hazardous driver on the road, driving without knowing what speed I'm going to. I don't know anything about cars, how do I do about it? Please help, I would highly appreciate any advise. thanks

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canucksgirl5 years ago
First of all lets clear up some confusion... A problem with your speedometer AND your power steering CAN be connected to ONE issue and that's probably the Vehicle Speed Sensor (or VSS). If your vehicle has variable assisted steering, it has a Power Steering Speed Sensor (or PSSS). In MANY vehicles the VSS is mounted on top of the PSSS and connected with a drive link into a gear shaft and all this is mounted onto the transmission.

If the VSS/PSSS unit is faulty, the information from the transmission is not passed to the speedometer AND can also cause your hard steering.

Note: You won't necessarily see anything wrong with sensors that are faulty. They can look perfectly fine on the outside and still be the cause of your problem. Most sensors are in a sealed unit and are usually not repairable.

Other possibilities…

- While dealing with the power steering fluid issue, you may have disconnected a set of wires. Look for any wiring connectors that are loose, damaged or disconnected.

- Fuse. In the engine compartment there is a set of fuses (not the ones inside the vehicle). The VSS & PSSS share the same fuse.

- Could be a faulty ABS controller unit (if equipped).

- Could also be a faulty ECU.

My recommendation is that you either;

A: Purchase a Repair Manual for your vehicle and;
- test trouble codes. (Note: You may not always get a fault code with sensors).
- check wiring; that nothing is loose, damaged or disconnected.
- locate the fuses in the engine compartment and check their condition.

B: Go to a reputable repair facility that has computerized diagnostic services. Ensure that they are able to diagnose and repair your vehicles' make and model. Ask for a quote to diagnose your vehicle BEFORE they do anything. Then get the results in writing, WITH a quote for repair costs.

From there you should be able to make a decision about whether you want the repair shop to do the repairs OR if you are comfortable/able to do them yourself.

If you want more help, you need to reply with your vehicle Make, Model, and Year. Also, does your vehicle have ABS and/or Traction Control?
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ring335 years ago
why spend hundred dollars to fix speedmeter.
if you got iphone, you can get free app to do same thing.
Power steering has nothing to do with the speedo. The pickup for the speedo is in the tranmission box. If it was ATF that leaked out, it might be that the speedo's gearing was damaged.
sorry steve, not accurate.
The OP isn't complaining about the steering stiffening, only that his speedo isn't reading. ....
I read between the lines. I can't imagine why he'd stop on the side of the road to check his power steering fluid unless the steering became stiff.
You dont' think he REALLY means the ATF ? PS fluid won't leave you "stuck in the middle of the road", but an empty torque converter will.....

lol... oh wow. He did say he knows nothing about cars and both fluids are the same color... hmmm? I wonder...
lemonie5 years ago
How do you think power steering fluid is connected with the speedo'?

because it can be...
Not in any car I've seen.
Re-design5 years ago
Sounds like who ever drained your powersteering fluid or transmission fluid also damaged your speedo cable or wire.