How to fix this laptop charger?

Recently my girlfriends laptop charger has gone and killed itself and i told her i was able to fix it but when she gave it to me and told me about it, i realized that it wasnt going to be a simple cut and patch job.

Now I'm assuming the problem is where i depicted it in the picture since she told me she had to do the whole "move it in the right spot for it to charge" thing. However i'm not sure if i would be able to just cut part of the middle out and then patch it back together since there is not that much room.

Anyways to the question at hand... What would be the best way to go about fixing this part of the laptop charger ?

Picture of How to fix this laptop charger?
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andy707076 years ago
Its pretty simple, just buy a new connector the right size, then cut the wire, use a scalpel to strip the plastic wire and reveal the inner wires, then you should be able to strip them and solder them to the new connector. Use some heatshrink if you want to cover the join. As has already been said, the lump is a magnet with eh wire wrapped around it to act as an EMI filter, you should be able to remove it and move it, or just buy another one, although you don't really need it.
w144mjb6 years ago
I really hope I'm not too late with this. But I've had the same issue with two different laptops. The issue, IMHO, is the female component to the adapter. The piece soldered to the motherboard, it has been the culprit twice for me. The answer for me was to go online to search the EXACT piece I needed, replace it, and use epoxy to hold it in place.

Good luck friend,
Vyger6 years ago
Ya know, if you really like her and want to impress her you might just buy her a new one. Probably be cheaper than flowers when she complains that it looks like something MaGiever did.
jbeadia (author)  Vyger6 years ago
lol, that was my first thought, but oddly enough she doesn't like me buying anything for her.
The "lump" is a filter, it just wraps round the wire. It's glued to the cable, but can be moved.

And if you can't seem to be able to put it back on, just buy a new one from Radioshack. Just ask for a ferrite choke, (which is what they're called), suck as this one: