How to generate power from water?

Hi.Some days ago I was thinking about power in the future and how we can generate it from resources like sea water(that contains solt!).Can any one help me to know more about this to improve my ideas?

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rickharris4 months ago

you can extract energy from the temperature difference between the surface and deeper water. You can extract energy from water movement.

saeidhaghighipour1376 (author)  rickharris4 months ago
Can you explain more about generating power from temperature difference?I think it is not enough!
bwrussell5 months ago

seandogue already covered the most of the type projects going on right now (wave generation, tidal or current generation). I think there is also some of these projects that also add solar or wind on top of platforms.

I'm not sure what you can do with salt water specifically that would have any sort of efficiency but if you shared some of your ideas that might help.

saeidhaghighipour1376 (author)  bwrussell5 months ago
Hi.Thanks for your reply.I want to generate power from chemical experiments on soot Osmosis experiments.

Have you seen this one?

That might be what you're looking for.

By the way, regarding "solt", "soot", etc., the word is spelled, "salt", S-A-L-T, salt.

You can extract energy from the INTERFACE between salt and fresh waters - say at river mouths.

charliel394 months ago


you can make hydrogen genarator and convert hydrogen to energy

seandogue5 months ago

in terms of using the seas, there are devices that generate electricity from the motion of the waves (using some sort of paddle type arrangement to drive a generator) , and afaik, even turbines that work off tidal motion in estuaries. It might help if you posted your ideas. Can't comment on something we can't evaluate.

iceng seandogue5 months ago

Waves are fun !

saeidhaghighipour1376 (author)  seandogue5 months ago

Hi.Thanks for your answer.I want to generate power from chemical experiments on solt water.Generating power from sea waves is not in my subject:-)

iceng5 months ago

Sure, if you can separate electrons from one side of an osmosis membrane to another then in theory you will have a potential difference that can push current around and do useful work...

Yes, I think I've seen a potential (sorry, no pun intended) idea for exactly what you've said, brackish water, membrane = volts